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Cheap Men's Air Force 1 07 Low Metallic Gold White UK

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PRETORIA Chaussures Homme Nike Air Max 95 Ultra Essential Khaki Pas Cher , April 28 (Xinhua) -- The South African government will not rest until all criminals are behind bars following the recent xenophobia attacks, a government minister said on Tuesday.

South Africa's Inter-ministerial Committee on Migration (IMC), appointed by President Jacob Zuma, will investigate the root causes of the xenophobic attacks that ravaged parts of the country for a second time since January, Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe told reporters in Pretoria.

The IMC comprises various government ministries, including Police Chaussures Homme Nike Air Max 2018.5 Noir Blanche Pas Cher , Defense, Home Affairs, Security and the Presidency.

Radebe, who heads the committee, said the committee will leave no stone unturned in its bid to uproot the real causes of attacks directed at foreigners.

In the latest spate of xenophobia violence, seven people were killed and thousands of foreigners displaced.

""The mandate of this IMC has been broadened to deal with all the underlying causes of the tensions between communities and the foreign nationals.

""Some of the areas to be addressed Chaussures Homme Nike Air Max 2018.5 Olive Verte Pas Cher , is the implementation of our labor relations policies as they affect the foreign nationals; the implementation of the laws that govern business licenses; the country's border management and generally the country's migration policies,"" Radebe said.

He added that the National Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure (NATJOINTS), which is the structure for coordinating government response to emergencies, has been activated to restore peace and order in communities.

He also revealed that a joint operation of the police and the army, code named Operation Fiela, which means ""reclaim"" Chaussures Nike Air Max 270 Flyknit Verte Noir Pas Cher , has been deployed in various parts of the country to put a stop to all criminal activities.

Radebe said, ""Government is determined to restore and maintain order within our communities. Operation Fiela is an operation to rid our country of illegal weapons, drug dens, prostitution rings and other illegal activities. This operation is a multidisciplinary interdepartmental operation.

""The focus of the operation, amongst others, will be on the following crimes; illicit drugs Chaussures Femme Nike Air Max 270 Flyknit Noir Blanche Pas Cher , undocumented migrants, prostitution, illegal fire arms, unlicensed businesses and possession of illegal goods and products.""

The minister said the operation, launched a week ago, has already started bearing positive results Chaussures Femme Nike Air Max 270 Triple Blanche Pas Cher , which include the arrest of 265 suspects, 423 wanted criminals, and 384 undocumented migrants.

Radebe said those arrested will receive harsh sentences.

""The National Prosecution Authority (NPA) has given priority to the prosecution of cases related to attacks against foreign nationals. Perpetrators of these crimes can expect that prosecutors will ask courts to impose sentences of direct imprisonment.

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