Car Audio Tuning

Per discutere di tutto ciò che ha a che fare con l'audio della tua macchina

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Car Audio Tuning

Messaggiodi KatieBell » gio set 20, 2018 15:00

Not sure what the energy ability to your inventory go device was, but at 20w into 4 ohms (for example) you'd have near to 8v at great quantity. According to the write-up of Top Coursework Services experts; The Pio HU has 4v pre-outs, so it's possible w/o modifying the obtain that the even out of the amp would be reduced with the Pio rca's than with inventory presenter cables. However, the amp's obtain only goes down to 4v. So with the presenter stage information you should have been using little, if any obtain. If you DID have a ~20w HU you should have been getting sensible clipping/distortion at 50 percent quantity or so. With the rca information there must not be any need to add more than 10 or 20% obtain. Need a details though -- like WERE you using presenter stage information, and what was the energy that presenter stage.
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Re: Car Audio Tuning

Messaggiodi Porm1980 » sab ott 27, 2018 01:13

I have been using my car to do travelling from one place to other and car is working fine.I had also face the issue of audio tuning problem which created the problem of sound in the car and made my trip boring.I have also followed some guide from the writing australia page but that is also not worked for me.Now I'm looking for the help from this problem.
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Re: Car Audio Tuning

Messaggiodi stevedalton » mer nov 07, 2018 08:08

When it comes to listening to music in the car, everyone is picky and want the best to make their road trip more enjoyable. Some like bass and some choose to eliminate it. So, it is important to inquire about the speaker that the car comes with when planning to purchase a new car. There are many such other factors which need to consider before buying a car audio system.

Thank You

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Re: Car Audio Tuning

Messaggiodi alberdjohn » lun nov 19, 2018 08:22

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